About Chispa


Who Are We?

Chispa (Spanish for ‘Spark’) is an offshoot of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) with the single aim to better and create healthier environments in Latinx communities and communities of people of color. So often, these communities are disproportionately impacted by poor environmental policies. We champion the people’s right to clean air, clean water, clean energy, and a healthy environment they can be proud of. For us, this is more than simply putting solutions on the table.

Chispa wields the power of the people and the strength in our voice to rally and engage grassroots communities, drive awareness and inclusiveness, and boost the local communities’ participation in governance and democracy to shape critical environmental policies and decisions that directly affect our people, our environments and ultimately, our future. Currently, Chispa enjoys a robust presence in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Maryland. 

Our Mission

At Chispa, we’re counting on the power of the people to help us become the most powerful force for change in combating climate and environmental challenges in Latinx and low-income people of color communities. We’re here because we believe in the power of community as a game-changer, not only to advance clean energy initiatives but to also address major environmental and social injustices. 

So far, we’ve inspired major change in the states where we are active. We want to ride on this wave and extend it further, bringing us closer to the people we serve and the communities we protect. Chispa is counting on your individual support and the strength in the collective voice of our people to help us;

  • advance our people-oriented and issue-based campaigns
  • secure local wins on issues that matter in our communities, and
  • achieve success that resonates on a national level.
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