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As May blooms, we’re excited to highlight a cause close to our hearts: Asthma Awareness Month. While we continue our dedication to environmental stewardship and social justice, we’re spotlighting the impact of clean air on respiratory health, especially in our Black and Brown communities. Keep reading to uncover what’s in store and catch up on all the action you might have missed from April!

State of the Air 2024 Report
The American Lung Association’s State of the Air 2024 report is officially out! For 25 years, the association has analyzed data from official air quality monitors to provide crucial insights. Dive into the report to discover how to protect your health and contribute to cleaner, healthier air. Access the report and empower yourself with knowledge today! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for Chispa-specific information on key findings!

Earth Day Celebration
Chispa Arizona came together with our community to honor both our planet and our collective heritage at their Earth Day festival held during Earth Month. Partnering with the Arizona Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander for Equity, they hosted their annual Earth Day Festival in Phoenix, welcoming over 400 attendees.

More news ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

  • #CleanRide4Kids Could Be Coming your Way: Last week, the Biden-Harris administration announced new clean vehicle initiatives, including the first-ever goal to transition to a zero-emission freight sector and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement of a $1 billion grant competition to help replace dirty diesel trucks and buses with clean, zero-emission ones. Read our statement in partnership with LCV here and learn more about the Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Grant Program.

  • EPA’s Final Rule Strengthens Protections for Clean Air: on April 10th, the EPA announced its final rule on Hazardous Organics National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (HON). With many residents suffering from respiratory and heart issues due to poor air quality, the call for more fenceline monitoring grows urgent. This rule marks a positive stride towards closing that gap and ensuring cleaner, safer air for all. Read our statement in partnership with LCV here!
  • Nevadans Win Solar For All Funding: President Biden announced $7 billion in Solar for All grants on Earth Day! This historic investment aims to reduce energy expenses for families nationwide, tackle the climate crisis head-on, and pave the way for a cleaner energy future. These funds are particularly vital for low-income and communities of color. Read our statement in partnership with LCV here!
  • EPA announces Environmental Justice Clearinghouse: The clearinghouse will help the public access tools and resources as part of President Biden’s ambitious environmental justice agenda. Check it out here!
  • Chispa Launches Community Clean Energy Hub: We have launched our Community Clean Energy Hub to support our gente through new clean and green opportunities. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a groundbreaking law tackling the climate crisis and promoting sustainable renewable energy nationwide as part of President Biden’s clean energy package. Our hub provides information on accessing funds and incentives for clean energy, ensuring everyone can benefit. Explore the hub now for details and stay tuned for more updates!

  • Chispa Nevada Lideres En Accion: Chispa NV member Guadalupe participated in a roundtable with DOE (Department Of Energy) Deputy Secretary on federal climate/energy efficiency/sustainability programs! She did amazing talking about the need to ensure these programs reach our communities and that our communities are educated on these opportunities. What a great example of federal implementation campaign work happening on the ground!

  • Chispa TX Fights Desalination: The community in Corpus Christi showed up in big numbers to speak up against a new desalination plant in their community of Hillcrest at a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality hearing this past month.
  • Youth Climate Careers Are Out NOW: The American Climate Corps, a new initiative from the White House, offers paid opportunities for over 20,000 young people to learn vital skills for advancing environmental justice. Join the movement shaping tomorrow and be part of the next generation tackling the climate crisis head-on. Explore our Digi + Creative Manager Alexa Aispuro-Loaiza’s post for more on this clean and green opportunity!

As Earth Month comes to a close, let’s celebrate the progress we’ve made in environmental justice. From community clean-ups to advocacy campaigns, we’ve seen inspiring efforts across our Chispa states. But the journey doesn’t end here! Get ready to dive into May with renewed energy. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates in our newsletters as we continue to raise awareness, share resources, and advocate for those affected by environmental issues. Together, let’s keep the momentum going and make positive change happen!

En comunidad,

Estefany Carrasco-Gonzalez
Chispa Senior Director

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