Chispa and LCV Statement on Executive Order Limiting Asylum at the Border

For Immediate Release

June 4, 2024

Contact: Elena Gaona,, 202-907-9717

Washington, D.C.— In response to today’s executive order from President Biden on the border, Chispa and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released the following statement:

“Chispa along with Chispa Arizona, Chispa Texas, Chispa Maryland, Chispa Nevada, Protégete Colorado, and the League of Conservation Voters work with communities impacted by climate change and environmental injustice, partnering with the power of the people on issues of clean water, clean air, clean lands and fair representation. Many of our Latine communities have a deep and direct connection to immigrant communities in the U.S., and many of the community members we work with have been driven to migrate by climate change,” said Chispa Senior Director Estefany Carrasco-González. “Today’s executive action on the border does not live up to our American values of offering asylum to those fleeing persecution and violence, and hurts all of our communities. It cannot be the end or the fix to our immigration crisis, a layered and complicated issue that affects the most vulnerable around the world. We need thoughtful, humane and integrated approaches to immigration, just as we do with the climate crisis. We look forward to this administration and future administrations working with all of our communities to make this a reality.”


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